ADAC's Story from 2016 to 2019

Sap and Anki

Another Day Another Colour was born because Ankita was getting a lot of illustration projects as a freelancer and she decided to start her own studio to be able to cater to the high incoming workload. Saptarshi and Ankita had started dating during this time. 

They spoke a lot about how she wants to craft the studio from its brand identity to the way it will be handling each project. Saptarshi was working on a startup idea at that time and while he sometimes thought about working on ADAC with Ankita, he brushed it off and instead enjoyed the deep and fulfilling conversations they had about ADAC. 

As the months went by so did their detailed conversation about everything they did at ADAC. ADAC was also generating more money than Saptarshi’s startup and they frequently debated the benefits of working together. Ankita saw Saptarshi as someone who can bring in skills that the studio did not currently have which is business development capabilities and management. She also wanted to reduce her role and time at ADAC and wanted to focus on her art and education career. Saptarshi however was terrified at the thought of working what he perceived as a very creative space. While it was very attractive, he was highly doubtful of the role he can play in a creative studio.

However, after a few months of going back and forth along with their impending marriage on the horizon, they decided to team up at ADAC studio and jointly run it. Ankita actually paid a month’s salary to Saptarshi for him to jump on board, partly because she wanted to remove the initial jitters for him and partly because Saptarshi was going for his first trip to Europe with his family and appreciated this thoughtful gesture.

All this while Ankita was deeply undecided about her career as a designer and an illustrator. Her work with pet a project and her stint doing workshops in a public school made her feel that she did not really belong to the world of doing commercial design projects.

After Ankita slowly wound down her current involvement from ADAC studio, Saptarshi started finding his feet in running a design studio. Shedding his initial inhibitions about working in a creative studio, he started reading about design and design thinking. He found his calling in storytelling and copywriting and shifted the focus of ADAC from illustration to a full fledged visual studio. 

Ankita meanwhile played the role of a sounding board and a mentor while pursuing what she was truly passionate about i.e. Art and Education. She started experimenting with a series of abstracts and gave life to her first canvas which was quickly snapped up. She also started unblocking creativity in other people by starting a course on creativity coaching

All this while, the energy at ADAC was starting to drum up. Saptarshi was working on a variety of projects and writing on Linkedin about his vision of design and especially about design thinking, empathy and human centered design. Ankita and Saptarshi frequently again started speaking about driving ADAC studio together. Saptarshi wanted to drive the studio on his own and Ankita wanted to have no specific role but primarily enable everyone at ADAC to unblock their creativity and continue being an educator to everyone at ADAC. 

Together they are creating a vibrant creative studio in Kolkata, India. The studio is their joint expression of their values. Saptarshi is passionate about inspiring companies. He wants to delight the companies that work with ADAC studio. He wants the companies to be delighted by what is possible through creativity and design. Ankita is about educating human beings and getting them present to their ability to create and be creative. She wants to introduce everyone at ADAC to the joy of the act of creating, whether it is about creating their art, business or passion projects. Together they want to inspire everyone who is associated with ADAC studios about treating everyone else with kindness and empathy. They want to create a world that is human focused, that not only focused on the customer who is human but is holistically human focused. Clients of ADAC care about the environment, sustainability of resources and uphold universal human values.