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Adidas Pink Beach Collection

Illustrating a visual style

When Adidas collaborated with Pharell Williams for the release of their new collection line called ‘Pink Beach’, the company approached 6 artists from across India for a promotional event to launch the line and Ankita Shinde, a member and co-founder of ADAC Studio was also a part of this project.

Since, the promotional event was to mark the launch of Pharell Williams x Adidas collection -’Pink Beach’, which was heavily influenced by Hawaii, the design brief by Adidads required artists to design an illustration for a surfboard based on ‘Hawaii’ as the theme. 

The artists were allowed full creative freedom to select suitable colour palettes and even style, as long as the overall theme speak ‘Hawaii’. 

Based on the brief, our designer created  whimsical illustrations of people in tribal inspired attire, having fun, hanging around flowers, overall conveying a celebratory happy vibe. 

Her description of her art and the surf board read, ‘Blooming people~

They dwelled in tropical flowers, love was what they were filled with, love was what they sprinkled around. They loved together, they bloomed together.’

Adidas went a step further by actually going ahead and creating surfboards with all of the six designs submitted by the designers which was laters launched at an event in Mumbai in Lower Parel.