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AJL Consulting

Creating A visual identity

AJL is a boutique consultancy specializing in international private accommodation and vacation rental industry. As a result, CEO and speaker, Simon, is very well known in the vacation rental industry and is frequently invited to speak at most of the travel industry related conferences.

Starting off with his new consulting venture, he wanted help in creating a website that showcased his credentials. The main objective of the website was to reach out to a larger audience and become more accessible to all onboard and prospective clients. 

AJL consulting, as a client, wanted to come across as a niche and expert consulting agency. Thus, we decided to come up with a minimal, classy design that will be easily understood and navigated by their clients.

Simon wanted to position himself as a speaker and get bookings for conferences where he could talk about his expertise. The website was also an effort to make his business look more professional and global and is targeted to hotel owners, management and leadership personnel and conference organisers. Keeping all of this in mind, the colour palette we selected for the website had both dark as well as light shades to help highlight and create contrast in the website more easily. We also picked the colours that complement each other to create an overall element of sophistication and professionalism. 

Keeping the brand language intact,  after the launch of the company’s website, we also helped them create a proposal template was made for their clients. The main intention of the presentation template was to create basic layouts for all kinds of content and picture in all possible brand colour combinations for the presentation deck.