Case study
1scan Website
Type : 
Web Design
goal : 
Corporate Website that showcases prototype
duration : 
12 weeks

Showcase a complex technology solution on a website that will serve as a teaser to venture capital investors and the leadership in manufacturing companies of India


An entrepreneur with an outstanding track record in his previous startup is tackling the challenge that counterfeiting poses to Indian manufacturing with a technology solution. He needs complete design support to visually bring his startup to life so that he can showcase his ideas to investors and manufacturing stalwarts in India.

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We first captured the essence of what 1scan is out to accomplish through its brand identity. The logo of 1scan is a connected chain that is formed with the letters of the brand.

With a strong brand identity laid out, we went about closely studying the technology solution, the current supply chain landscape in India and competitors to 1scan from across the world to start visualizing the content hierarchy for the website.

Once the hierarchy was in place, the homepage content framework took on special importance as it will lay the foundation for the rest of the website.

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Complex business technology solution needs to partner with great verbal and visual design and branding in order to communicate effectively

We created bespoke verbal and visual content in partnership with the 1scan team that showcased the technology created by 1scan that secures supply and distribution chains so that manufacturers and brand owners can track their products from their factories to the end customer thus creating a seamless platform that allows direct communication with the end customer and also enables the end customer to check the authenticity of their product at the point of sale.

We also mapped out the features of their solutions and highlighted the top industries that can directly benefit from the application of the 1scan solution. The complete website's content, design and development was done in house.

Not only did we create 1scan's brand identity and website, we also helped them create investor and sales presentations cum videos to showcase their prototype solution to potential stakeholders and customers.

Accel VC
1scan got accepted in Accel's prestigious program
India's leading bottle water company
In advance talks with the 1scan team and in-line to be the first customer
3 months
Time it took for 1scan to create a complete design kit for itself
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B2B businesses today need cutting edge design support and brand strategy in the same way that B2C brands require. Creating a brand that captures and expresses the core of a B2B company will not only inspire its stakeholders but also spark new conversations both with external customers, investors and internal teams and vendors.

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