Case study
Akanksha Foundation Annual Report
Type : 
Presentation Design
goal : 
Annual Report Design | Data Visualisation
duration : 
8 weeks

Create an annual report showcasing the achievement of one of India's leading educational non-profits.


Akanksha Foundation is one of India's leading educational non-profits with a mission to impact the lives of children from low-income communities, enabling them to maximize their potential and change their lives. Their brief was to create an annual report that would create a holistic communication of their work and highlight the immersive numbers they had achieved in that year. A lot of their financial donors are busy professionals who would like to know how Akanksha Is performing without having to read the entire report.


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Our focus and challenge was to give an overview of each piece of textual content with an accompanying visual that communicates the core message. We used a combination of simple headlines with visual art that was sufficient to convey the message. And interested readers can always dig deeper by going through the body content. This allowed us to give a dual option to the readers of the report -
a. To glance through the section while getting a top level idea of the achievements and developments at Akanksha
b. To read each section carefully and get a deeper understanding with the accompanying visuals

We first completed the report before directing the photographs so that each photograph can further complement the content. This allowed each double spread page to become a poster in itself - a complete piece of information.

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"One day all children will be equipped with the knowledge, skills and values they need to lead empowered lives." - The vision that remains alive in everyone who comes in contact with Akanksha Foundation.

The report conveys its message just with the photographs and the headlines or just with the visuals and the headlines. It was lauded by the Akanksha team and stood out from the reports they have created in the last 20 years.

But what really made a difference is the outstanding work that Akanksha Foundation has been doing in partnership with local organisations and the energy from its donors and team members. Our design simply highlighted this.

Megha Ghosh, Agnishwar Som (photography), Saptarshi Chatterjee
2 months
Quality education to children from low income groups
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Annual reports can be super fun to read and become outstanding content that recipients can look forward to rather than just becoming something that is an obligation for organisations to provide. It was an honour and privilege to design the annual report for Akanksha Foundation.

If you are reading this, we request you to please donate to Akanksha Foundation and be the change.

Donate now to Akanksha Foundation.

(The #HarGharEkSchool is from the Akanksha website and this creative is not made by us but attached to raise awareness of the work that they are doing)

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