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Alaya Travels
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Naming | Brand Identity Design
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4 weeks

Merge a B2B and B2C sister company into one brand that authentically captures the intentional travelling espoused by a 19 year old business in North America


The name Alaya worked really well because the business was oriented towards travellers deeply engaging in the communities they visited. Alaya is a sanskrit word that means "all ground" which suggests a foundation or basis. It also means a "storehouse". In this context, Alaya is about coming from a set of intentions and commitments with which we lead our lives. Travelling from Alaya or travelling from a storehouse of intentions is what we are expressing with this brand.

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The approach we took to create a visual identity is to express this overall theme of 'travelling with intentions' in all the visuals including the logo. We wanted the brand identity to be timeless, simple and be easily applied in a variety of situations.

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A traveller can bring skills, stories and softness to every community they visit. It is upto us to be the traveller that will make travel sustainable for this planet.

The Alaya logo: The circle represents the Globe and the line through it is the life of a traveller, leaving an ephemeral trail in their wake, like a footprint in sand, gone with time but leaving an impact nonetheless. The stroke is like that of a crayon, not strong, not uniform like the unique experience of a traveller from one day to another.

The primary font is an elegant serif type called Didot. We chose this font to provide a feeling of luxury that Alaya brings to each of its travelers. The secondary font compliments the primary font and is a clean and neat sans serif type called Monserrat Extralight.

The colours used are earthy colours to reflect the concious and sustainable travelling brought forth by the Alaya team.

Ramsha Qamar, Saptarshi Chatterjee, Megha Ghosh
Parallel Labs
Intentional Travelling
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Alaya is a company that inspired us to reflect deeply on how we travel and the imprint we can leave on the place and the community we visit. The key pillars on which the brand Alaya is built is something that resonates with who we are and how we wish the entire world travelled:  

  1. Coming from an intention
  2. Nurturing relationships
  3. Being a collection of inspiring stories
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