Case study
The Biryani Inc Packaging
Type : 
Content Design
goal : 
Packaging Design
duration : 
4 weeks

A cloud kitchen with multiple brands came to us to create a packaging design for their main dish - Biryani.


The Biryani Inc is one of the brands of a cloud kitchen run by three young and dynamic entrepreneurs in Kolkata, India. Some of their brands including the Biryani brand is starting to get popular in cities of India where they have licensed their franchises.

Biryani is a dish widely loved in India. It is a mixture of rice with Indian spices along with either meat or eggs or paneer. There are different accompaniments in different parts of India and there are many varieties of the Biryani in India based on regions.

They current did not have any distinct packaging for the Biryani and currently served its delivery on demand clientele in plastic boxes with a Biryani Inc sticker.

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On studying their menu and researching the biryani market in India, we realized that having a clear focus will augment brand recall and create a unique niche for the The Biryani Inc brand. We decided in consultation with the client to focus on the Kolkata Biryani. The Kolkata biryani is distinct more other Biryanis in India because one of its central ingredient is the potato and also because of the manner in which it is cooked. Kolkata as a region of India is also distinct in many ways due to its Bengali language and unique cultural strands.

Once we were clear about the overall direction we wanted to go in, we started focussing on the visual style and the content for the packaging.

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Regional foods need special design focus for their relevance in today's world is largely depended on modern branding and communication.

For the packaging form, we finalized on a simple rectangular box frequently used by sweet makers and roadside Biryani makers in Kolkata. The visual style is a simple line drawing style that is distinctly Bengali with other elements like the copy and the colours used augmenting the experience of having a Kolkata Biryani.

The team members included Megha Ghosh, Ramsha Qamar, Prajakta Darandale, Ankita Shinde and Saptarshi Chatterjee.
Sustainable and eco-friendly packaging box
A biryani with a complete Kolkata experience
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Food packaging can be a lot of fun even with simple shapes especially when there is a clear direction for the brand complimented with engaging visuals and copy. One of the key takeaways for us was to make the entire external form engaging with the copy style.

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