Case study
Facebook India Design Jams - Kit
Type : 
Presentation Design
goal : 
Interactive Design Kit
duration : 
10 weeks

Facebook India is creating design jams in collaboration with its sister company Trust, Transparency and Control (TTC) Labs to create awareness and a conversation around how data privacy can be approached in India.


Facebook India approached us to translate their day long design jams into a physical kit that they can send to bureaucrats, startup founders, lawyers and other industry experts who are closely involved in shaping India's outlook towards how 1.3 billion people's privacy should be handled. They were running these day long workshops in partnership with Parallel Labs, D91 and DSCI.

These design jams help startups collaborate on problems of trust, transparency and control using design as a medium to solve user transparency with product innovation.

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As a first step, we attended the day long workshop to get an indepth understanding of the structure and the content of the design jam. These design jams were getting together professionals from a wide variety of functions like product managers, designers, policy makers and advisors to critically think about how data protection features can be used as features to build trust and confidence with users by giving users a high level of control and understanding of how their data is going to be used.

The day long jam used a combination of exercises, rapid prototyping tools and expert interventions to give everyone involved a deep understanding of the challenges and the realities of designing for transparency, trust and control. At the end of the jam, all participants develop concrete solutions that they can take back to their roles and companies giving everyone a broader and fresher understanding of data privacy and control.

Our job was to capture all of this in one physical design kit that can double up as an invitation tool while giving the recipient a clear idea of the structure of the workshop and a taste of the day long jam at their fingertips.

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The design kit had to be simple and easy to use while retaining the scope and potential of the design jam.

Our final kit was a folder with 3 internal sections and each section depicting one part of the jam. Every internal section had units that you can engage with including doing the exercises and creating a full prototype along with browsing through existing prototypes.

We also created slots for a sharpie and a badge to give the recipient a sense that it is a design jam in one glance.

100% Hand Fabricated
Parts were printed and then the kit fabricated by hand
Shreya and Megha Ghosh, Ankita Shinde, Saptarshi Chatterjee | Parallel Labs (Partner)
Trust and Transparency in Internet Products
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This was one of the most challenging projects for us to part of primarily because of the timeline and the art of creating a physical kit that will be hand fabricated.

But the feedback we received from the Facebook team and others was outstanding. People loved interacting with the exercises which drove home the main point of designing the kit itself.

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