FunMango is a smartphone app for Local Business to publish and update their content across the Web, connect and manage Customer relations in real-time.

Why Rebrand?(in client’s words)
1. FunMango as a name wasn’t catchy enough and didn’t strike well with businesses looking at it as a solution.
2. Logo with so many colours wasn’t versatile enough to be recognized in single colour and the different colours were what used to identify it.

Brief for Identity: (in client’s words)
1. It needs to be a identity which can work very well as app icons.
2. Should be easy to distinguish among the app icon clutter on app stores and our phones.

Knowing all of the above, we came up with various concepts, of which we mutually liked the spring concept the best. The idea was to symbolise the brand with a spring. The spring fits naturally into the letters ‘o-o’ of ‘Boomer’. The app icons are also designed as an extension of the spring concept, trying to incorporate the twirls and winding of the spring wherever possible. Spring(verb) means to move/jump rapidly upwards or forward. Boomer acts like a spring for Businesses-always bouncing with social updates, offers, events and more, helping the business grow rapidly forward. The type is constructed and colour is chosen in such a way as to express the energy of the Brand.