Everyday explorer

For the longest time, until couple years ago, I considered travel as an escape, without even realizing I did so. I gave too much importance to adding miles to my travel, rather than adding perspective to my regular days.

I now don't find it necessary to travel too many kilometers to gain the perspective on life that I did earlier. I think its more about being an explorer every single day, where ever you are, however you are. Exploring the place where you are, being there everyday and yet living a new experience everyday.

Whenever stressed out, I would crave to go on a mountain top to meditate. But I think mountain top meditation is easy. Constantly getting present to my thoughts and feelings here in the city, and meditating amidst the chaos. That, is challenging and utterly fulfilling. 
I still do like traveling, but it's not a necessity to escape anymore.

I love travelling and documenting stories from all the places I go to - around and within me. As Muriel Rukeyser says, the universe is made of stories, not atoms'. In the 'Travel' section of my blog, you will get to say hello to lots of unexplored places around and within me.

See you soon!