Upquire infographic

Client: Upquire
Content: Upquire
Creative Direction, Illustration: Ankita Shinde
Link to the article: http://upquire.com/blog/25-tips-to-increase-app-engagement-infographic/

More than 80 percent of apps do not show up in the top lists in the Apple App Store, and every niche has a lot of competition crowding out the search results. But if you do somehow manage to acquire users, then there’s the bigger challenge of retaining them—an average app loses 77 percent of its users within the first 3 days and 90 percent within the first 30 days. So how exactly are you supposed to build a mobile app business? You should create a highly engaging user experience. Upquire has researched some of the best apps out there, and has come up with their top 25 tips to increase mobile app engagement by adding to the user experience. Head to their blog here to read about this in detail and many more useful tips.