Wingify- Astronaut

Wingify is an India based fast-growing software startup that makes technology products that are globally admired such as VWO (Visual Website Optimizer) and PushCrew. Their products are loved by thousands of businesses and users across 90+ countries, and the customer list includes brands like Microsoft, Lenovo, Walt Disney, Target, Ebay and

They have opened a new office in Pune from where they are building new products and wanted great engineers to join them. For this, they wanted to get a set of T-shirts designed for the new members that join the team to symbolize and carry forward the company culture and values.

Why this illustration:
1. Astronauts signify more than the visual. They signify going where very few people have been to. There is darkness all around and there is no guarantee of coming back to the place they call home. 
2. Playfulness at a time which is uncertain, dark and unknown can only be done by the brave.
3. Wingify wants to signify both. That creating the future is fraught with dangers and unknowns and the people who can fully accept that, are welcome at Wingify.

We have also worked with them to create a beautiful landing page talking about why engineers should join them, which you can have a look at here.