For us at ADAC, our four legged furrends are closest to our hearts. And when we get opportunities to make some pampering products for these buddies, we never miss it!

In collaboration with Lanapaws, we have designed some cool, quirky, trendy, environmental friendly prints for their pet products like- Dog Beds, Bandannas, Cushion covers and tote bags.

Lanapaws was founded by a couple of animal lovers. The name ‘LANA’ has been coined by merging the names of their two babies, Lily and Aladdin. LANA is an endeavor to make tasteful and wag-worthy accessories for you and your furry friends. They are committed to making pet accessories that provide them with best of comfort and style while helping you contribute to the good of our planet. They also have a range of exclusive and fun products just for animal lovers! With every purchase, you contribute towards animal welfare causes. They understand that every pooch is different and deserves to be treated so!

Check out their website to see these amazing products here!



As humans, we all wish to have our houses resourceful, clean and sustainable. But with time, all of us are forgetting that Earth is our first home and we are almost draining all the available resources from our planet Earth and making it look duller and hazardous.

ZEARTH believes in sustainable energy and they are doing their part in making our planet greener.
As a renewable energy provider, sustainability is the focus of their business. Their goal is to reduce pollution and lessen the impact of climate change by making clean power, affordable enough to be adopted by homeowners and businesses.

Collaborating with ZEARTH was our opportunity to give our bit in making our home - 'Earth', a greener and more sustainable planet again.
Here is a brochure design for this amazing step in making our future more brighter by 'ZEARTH - clean power resources'. :)


Prop Design for FUSS X L'Officiel India

Eye Props designed by us for a Photo story by FUSS for @lofficielindiaAugust 2016 with Rhea's take on what 50's Pop Art could visually and aesthetically translate into today.

Conceptualisation, Photography, Styling, Art Direction: Rhea Gupte
Modelling: Samanta at TFM India
Hair and Makeup: Faces by Numz
Props design: Another Day Another Colour

Eye Props designed for a Photo story by FUSS for @lofficielindiaAugust 2016 with Rhea's take on what 50's Pop Art could visually and aesthetically translate into today. We loved these eyes props so much that after the shoot, we decided to have them on our studio wall forever!