Taxi Fabric

Thrilled to present to you my collaboration with the warm, wonderful and ever enthusiastic Taxi Fabric team.
Hope all of you get to stroll around in my taxi in Mumbai. For now, scroll away.

Find below the photographs of the entire process in chronological order.
Sketching> printing the designs on paper> transferring the print from paper onto the fabric with heat> Measuring and stitching the fabric into seat covers> fitting inside the taxi> a fun balloons and bubbles filled shoot. <3


DiscoverEd Brochure

Client: DiscoverEd
Copy: Rajat T
Design + Illustration: Ankita Shinde


The DiscoverEd team believes that science education in India has lost the ‘fun’ element and students are not as engaged as they should be. They’d like the children to ‘discover’ science in a hands-on manner and also be able to appreciate the usage of science around the students on a daily basis. The existing labs, they believe, are completely out-dated (there has been no significant change in them in the last 50 years) and they think that science as it is taught and the real life applications are completely anachronistic.

DiscoverEd is one super-scientist’s vision to revitalise Science Education. Read on to know the story they created around their brand of having ‘Dr.Multipus’ as the bored kid transformed into a super-scientist!