Wingify Pune Landing Page design

landing page Designing for Wingify

Wingify is an India based fast-growing software startup that makes technology products that are globally admired such as VWO (Visual Website Optimizer) and PushCrew. Their products are loved by thousands of businesses and users across 90+ countries, and the customer list includes brands like Microsoft, Lenovo, Walt Disney, Target, Ebay and

They have opened a new office in Pune from where they are building new products and wanted great engineers to join them. For this, they wanted to build a landing page talking about why engineers should join them, which they would also advertise in developer hangouts. They wanted to do this in a creative way with the help of fun quirky illustrations. They also wanted a layout which can be easily adapted to a mobile version. Here is what we created!

Creative Direction, Concept, Design : Ankita Shinde

Colour Palette

Colour Palette

Landing page design

Initial Wireframe

Initial Wireframe

Initial Sketches

Initial Sketches

We first thought of having these illustrations in a grid format explaining why engineers should join Wingify Pune. We then thought of completely breaking through the grid layout and having a really fun long scroll landing page with varying layouts for each section to break the monotony and keep it interesting til the end.

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Chisle is a messaging and visual content agency based on in-depth research on human behavioral patterns. They say 'We sculpt your content after researching human beings.'

They approached us for deigning their Brand Identity along with a one scroll landing page that would speak about 'What they do' and 'How they do it'.

The Landing page needed to reflect that they are serious about their work, specially about research and analytics and yet have the creative bandwidth to execute really fun creative projects. 


A set off illustrations created for Notiφ.
View it live on the website here.

Notiφ (Notify) is an intelligent location-based mobile messaging and analytics platform, which empowers brands to send relevant rich media content to the right audience at the right place & at the right time with the most relevant context using their demography and behavioural attributes.
It is Asia’s first and an emerging global player in providing BIg data analytics applications for the mobile industry. Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Singapore with offices in Bangalore, the location analytics platform was developed indigenously in India.