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Lana Paws

Printing a visual identity

Lana Paws is a lifestyle pet accessories brand celebrating the joys of responsible, informed and involved pet parenting. Founded by a couple of animal lovers, they coined the name of their company by merging the names of their two babies Lily and Aladdin. They are a homegrown company designing and manufacturing all products locally. They understand that every pooch is different and deserves to be treated so!

We collaborated with the brand to design many of their products. For everyone at ADAC, when we get opportunities to design pampering products for our fur-friends, we are ready in a heartbeat! Our four legged furrends are closest to our hearts :)

In collaboration with Lanapaws, we have designed some cool, quirky, trendy, environmental friendly prints for their pet products like- Dog Beds, Bandannas, Cushion covers and tote bags.

We wanted to keep the brand image consistent and in line with the company’s own goals to make pet accessories that provide them with the best of comfort and style while helping customers contribute positively to the environment.

The illustration style we chose was very organic, hand-drawn and in-line with the company’s endeavor to make tasteful and wag worthy accessories for their furry clients. The chosen illustration style also helped us add an element of uniqueness to the overall design as well as the brand.