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Little Palms Preschool

Creating A visual identity

When Sarah Hamada, a preschool teacher from Egypt approached us to help create a brand around her dream project- a pre-school, we were thrilled!

Preschool, a place where children develop their social, and emotional skills. They learn how to share, get along and contribute with other children. Acting like a second home for the kids, preschool is the place where kids grow, flourish, learn from hands on experience and prepare themselves for the world. Taking this understanding of preschool, we approached this project. The brief we were given was very simple. It was to create an identity for a preschool called Little Palms using three elements- children, hand prints and palm trees. The idea was to create simple and witty designs that would grab the attention of the parents as well as the children.

We came up with different forms, shapes and colours for the palm trees, showcasing how every child is unique and different. We added features like eyes, mouth, hands and legs to give it a personality and make it look more relatable for kids.

We, as a studio, felt that the logo for the preschool should stand for something more than just an educational establishment. We wanted to highlight how every child is unique and different. Thus, to celebrate individuality, the main element for the logo was decided to have three distinct palm trees. Hands were added to the trees to convey a feeling of security and trust. Through the design we wanted to show that the children are in good hands. 

The preschool would mainly cater to young working parents, (especially young mothers) who live in the area and are looking for an ideal place for their kids to learn and grow. As a result, the overall intention of the branding was to make the brand look attractive for the kids, yet appeal to the parent’s sensibilities at the same time, thus, we created a subtle yet cheerful colour palette for them.

Going with the logo was also a series of illustrations we created following the same style we used for its branding. The overall theme for these illustrations revolved around positivity, growth, aspiration and joy.

The preschool successfully adapted the logo and colour palette for all their social media handles and even their infrastructure! Overall, the branding project was a huge success and we were very pleased by the end result.