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PET A PROJECT is an initiative with an aim to increase creative and innovative thinking ability in everyone.

Take a project you like and pet it. While you do so, see your level of creativity and innovation boom. This idea is not restricted to any age group. Anyone and everyone indulging in petting a project will emerge out with increased skills. Skills like creativity, innovation, self discipline, time management, understanding oneself, articulation to name a few.

Why are we doing this

We want to contribute to the education scene in India. Adding creativity and innovation to be specific. We want to do this. We don't exactly know how. For the longest time we kept talking about it but hadn't taken a single productive action towards it. Now we are.

Why focus on creativity? We don't need memorizing. We need creative thinking ability. We don't need facts, we need ideas. We need creative and innovative ways to solve today's problems. It is no longer about getting good grades at school to get into a good university course. It is also no longer about getting good grades at university to get a good job. The mandate from industry for education is clear, encouraging students to enhance their creative and critical thinking skills as well as their collaboration skills needs to be a vital part of the education process. With the world’s collective data doubling every 18 months, and virtually the sum of all human knowledge available to most people through their personal handheld devices, remembering facts and figures for an exam is not as highly valued a skill in the general 21st Century workplace. Employers are looking for creativity.

The world is changing rapidly, faster than ever before, concepts that are important to teach today may well be obsolete tomorrow. The one thing that will always be needed to be taught is the ability to come up with creative solutions to a rapidly changing world. Today we need creative thinkers and innovators.
Creative education in India
Pet a project collaborative meetings

Let's brainstorm together!

1. PET A PROJECT Meetings

A bunch of us get together at ADAC studio (Chembur, Mumbai, India) to brainstorm about what can be done on this subject. We also discuss a lot about life and several other community projects. If you think such discussions interest you, please fill the form below and we will write back to you with a confirmation along with date, time and venue details.  (Get in touch via the form below)
Location 1: Chembur, Mumbai.
Location 2: Whitefield, Bangalore.

2. PET A PROJECT Conference Calls

A lot of you'll might not be from Mumbai. We would still love to connect and know your thoughts and figure this out together. Figure out ways to collaborate in whatever ways possible to really bring in creativity and innovation in schools in India. We will schedule 2-3 group video/audio calls in a week. Please fill in the form below and we will write back to you with a confirmation along with date, time and conf call login details.  (Get in touch via the form below)

What we are working on currently

1. Students in schools indulging in pet projects.

Currently we are working on forming teams for several schools across India. Where we can volunteer our time to go to schools and enroll the principals, teachers, parents and students into this concept. We want as many people to try it out and explore the hidden treasure within themselves and also build themselves up in the way they want to. Come, join hands with us! You can volunteer with us on the Bombay and Bangalore city chapter. Or start another one in any city you are in! (Get in touch via the form below)

2. People across the world of all age groups indulging in pet projects.

This is a long term goal. For this, we want to create conversations around this subject along with all those who already believe in this idea and all those who are intrigued by it. Let's connect! (Get in touch via the form below)



Name *
Tell us a bit about yourself. :) What are your views on pet projects? How would you like to contribute? Do you have experience working with kids or on similar self development programs?
Have you worked on any pet projects of your own? If yes, please share a link.
Where do you stay? This will help us contact you for a venue nearest to your location.
Will you travel to Chembur, Mumbai? *
We are currently fully finctional in a BMC school in Chembur. We will update the next locations as and when we commence those. For now, we would need you to come physically to Chembur. If you have some ideas/feedback, you can always drop us a mail and/or request for scheduling a tele/video call.
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