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Rebranding Lana Paws

Printing a visual identity

Lana Paws is a lifestyle pet accessories brand celebrating the joys of responsible, informed and involved pet parenting. Founded by a couple of animal lovers, they coined the name of their company by merging the names of their two babies Lily and Aladdin. They are a homegrown company designing and manufacturing all products locally. They work with fair trade organisations supporting self-help women groups in India.

They understand that every pooch is different and deserves to be treated so!

After we helped them design pet accessories products, they approached us to help them re-design their brand logo.

The target audience for the brand are committed pet parents who see their pets as an extension of their family and a sense of humor, pet parents who appreciate and accept their pet's unique personality, and pet parents who believe in a responsible and sustainable way of living (and shopping). Hence for the logo, we chose to highlight the bond between pet parents and their pets.

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