& ankita
We are a team of two

We are a two member team of complimentary and sometimes overlapping skill sets and experience. Ankita and Saptarshi are partners in every area of their life including the area where they create inspirational brands.

While we set the tone for each project and get personally involved, we also collaborate with some outstanding individual creative professionals for some of our projects.


What really works for us as a team is that we have complimentary skillsets and abilities that exponentially elevates our performance when we work as a team.

Through our work at ADAC Studio, we keep working with clients who share our mindset and values. Together, we intend to keep creating champion brands that are inspiring every single of its stakeholder to create the world they want to live in.

This intention above is really one with which we live our own lives. A life that we keep crafting with a lot of thought and one filled with richness, slowness and meaning.

Ankita and Saptarshi
“our shared conversations creates adac studio.”
ankita & saptarshi
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