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Tok Jhal Mishti

Believing in our identity

Tok Jhal Mishti is our first initiative under our passion project, Design for Kolkata. 

Bengal is a land of abundant recipes with an over abundant number of foodies! One can easily find a number of different interpretations of the same Bengali dish from different households. Some families have even come up with their own dishes! Such secret recipes have been passed down from generations. From great grandmothers to grandmothers to mothers, to the present generations, these recipes have trickled down to us like stories that always weaved together our childhood into a series of smells and nostalgic memories.

Many times, however, such recipes are often lost when one generation fails to value and remember their traditional dishes. Hence, Tok Jhal Mishti, serves as a platform for any and all Bengali households to document their recipes and preserve it for generations to come. We collaborate with recipe-makers and illustrators to help document the different recipes. It is not just an endeavor by us to popularize and celebrate the Bengali cuisine all over the world but also to bring out and highlight the different illustration styles designers are using while approaching this project.