We are a team of two storytellers with an intention to inspire

We, the creators behind ADAC Studio.

We are now a small, just right, two people team. Since the studio's inception in 2016, after having worked with upto 5 inhouse designers and various freelancers, we have found our rhythm in being a two member team. Since it's just us both, living and working together, we thought you knowing us in depth would be nice. Sharing a longish description of us both under our faces. :)

Ankita Shinde

When not working on ADAC: Is gulping books on her kindle. Journaling. Journaling a hell lot. And writing for her upcoming email newsletters where she aims to share her personal reflections and help others reflect better and build stronger relationships with themselves.

Books she likes: The Artist’s Way, Courage to create, Tuesdays with Morrie.

Movies she likes: Interstellar, Inside out, Kungfu Panda, Kiki’s delivery service

What she brings to ADAC: The right kind of questions for each project, a keen sense of visual aesthetics and an original thought process.

Saptarshi Chatterjee

When not working on ADAC: Wants to keep practicing the forward defensive but is not getting access to a regular cricket net. He uses his free time cooking Bengali recipes or connecting over video calls with friends + family.

Books he likes: The Intelligent Investor, Creative Confidence, Remote Working

Movies he likes: Senna, Interstellar, Hindi Medium

What he brings to ADAC: Lots of patience, a wealth of experience working in different sectors for over 11+ years, clarity in creating processes and a focus on inspiring the customers of our clients.

"What really works for us as a team is that we have complimentary skillsets and abilities that exponentially elevates our performance when we work as a team. "
/ Saptarshi

Ankita has been illustrating since she was 3 years old. After an education in design and fine art, she had a wonderful stint at Beard Design (now Opposite) when it was an up and coming studio in Goa. She is known for her side projects which have been featured in various publications, among them Hindustan Times, Mirror Mirror etc. Apart from expressing art and design, she is passionate about building creative mindsets in people. She has given a TedX talk on education and has trained over 800 people so far including students in public schools.

The early part of Saptarshi’s 11+ years career was about learning as much as he could from the varied industries, companies and roles he was part of. Some of his successes includes selling robots to the Indian Navy, being part of the team that launched the first OTT TV application and playing a part in building the startup ecosystem in India as part of HeadStart Network and Startup Leadership Program. The last 4 years that he has spent at ADAC Studio is about applying deep insights from various industries in creating inspiring brands.

"When things get tough professionally as well as personally, we are able to have each other’s back, keeping our egos aside. That has taken us about 4 years to learn to navigate. But now that we are here, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be."
/ Ankita

To do list

- Timely deliveries
- Dessert first
- Value relationships
- Ask why, not what
- Better ourselves each day
- Slow, intentional living
- Talk to our laptops
- Create process that work

Not to do list

- Working on weekends
- Working for free / exposure
- Sharing dessert
- Fear new challenges
- Multitasking
- Skip date days
- Hasty work for profit
- Skip MoM mails

Ankita and Saptarshi's conversations with each other creates the work and flavour of ADAC Studio.